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Today on LCR...

Recognition for LCR from the BBC!

On Saturday 11th March 2023, Willie and Cate were interviewed by Edith Bowman of BBC Radio 2 as part of the Beeb's special C2C Country Weekend hosted by legendary broadcaster, Bob Harris!

LCR on BBC Radio 2
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Sharing great country music all day every day, LCR is the UK's brightest - and best - country radio station! Brought to you by an enthusiastic crew of country fans, most with little or no radio  experience, each presenter delivers a show that reflects his or her tastes, all within the broad spectrum of the mother genre.

Borne of the international lockdown brought on by the global Coronavirus pandemic, LCR (previously Lockdown Country Radio) launched on Thursday 28th May 2020. Willie Evans, LCR's owner and founder, intended the station to be a pop-up for one day only, but extended to one week and here we are,
over three-and-a-half
 years later!

Delivering the best of all styles of country music to you, 24:7 

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